Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bounty Bar !!! 1989

Do you miss the Bounty Bar? ....Luscious coconut covered in either milk or dark chocolate?
In 1989 I was working for Kash-N-Karry Grocery Store as a produce clerk.
I can remember that my favorite snack on a break was a dark chocolate Bounty Bar washed down with chocolate milk. (this of course was back in the days when my metabolism was a bit faster, LOL)

I dunno about you, but Mounds Bars just were not as sweet and moist. But Bounty: now that was the candy bar worth getting jittery over!

Oddly enough, the Bounty Bar, which was distributed by the Mars Candy Co., only lasted 2 years in the United States market before it was discontinued.
In his book, "The Emperors of Chocolate," Joel Glenn Brenner states:

Mars and Hershey - the Candy Kings, as they're known to insiders - can readily attest to Americans' affinity for nostalgic candy. Take Mars's Bounty bar, for example. In 1988, Hershey turned the candy world upside down when it unexpectedly acquired the U.S. division of Peter Paul/Cadbury, maker of Mounds, Almond Joy and York Peppermint Patties. To compete with Hershey's new muscle, Mars introduced the Bounty bar in 1989, a chocolate-covered coconut bar reminiscent of Mounds. But Bounty failed after just two years, even though every blind taste test Mars conducted showed consumers preferred it 2 to 1 over the competition.

Brenner goes on to explain that the Bounty Bar failed because Americans on the whole, hold extreme nostalgia when it comes to candy and gravitate towards familiar names and tastes, of which Mounds is one. Even though Bounty tasted better, it didn't hold the gravitas of the Mounds Bar.
Mounds did have the edge in marketing in the 1980s ... I bet you can remember the Mounds commercials can't you?
C'mon, say it with me; "Almond Joy got nuts....Mounds don't"
Remember that?
And, then, of course, us creative 80s-mullet-topped boys would impress the chicks with our own version:
"Boys got nuts ... girls don't"
Bwahahahah! It's a wonder how we ever got married ain't it?

Oddly enough, Bounty Bars could be making a comeback. In 2006, this author found some (milk chocolate only) in a Shell Gas Station food mart on the south side of Chicago. I was extremely excited and bought 5 of them. Upon checking out with my chocolate milk in tow, I asked the clerk (I had to shout through bullet-proof glass) if he knew where they got them from.
He gave me a blank stare and with a thick Pakistani accent said, "det will be six dullers and derty-cents, tank you, com agin."
The sugary-coconut was delightful, but short-lived.
Today, Bounty is one of the best selling candy bars in Australia and throughout much of Europe.
If anyone from the Mars Company is reading this (yeah, wishful thinking) can contact me for some fresh marketing ideas ... I'll accept dark chocolate Bounty Bars in lieu of salary.


Julio Medina said...

It`s too bad you cant find them anymore..

Anonymous said...

yeah.. I ate one last week.. MMmmmm Soooo delicious ! My favorite